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Ron DeCamp

Ron DeCamp has over twenty years of experience in the computer hardware, IT reseller and consumer electronics industries. At Targus, DeCamp is accountable for the global product roadmap and teams for technology solutions. DeCamp was previously at Belkin International where he led product development and marketing for its cases and accessories ranges.

VP of Global Product Development 

IT Strategy Designed for the Future

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How can your organization be future-ready? 

During these four webinars, we’ll address several topics related to new technology in the workplace. Our panel of experts will discuss new trends in enterprise IT, remote and blended work, and smart IoT products. 

This four-part series focuses on how to make your organization more future-ready, improve long-term return on investment, and plan your IT infrastructure in way that optimizes that your department.

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Future Trends in IT and Enterprise
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Our series, Future Trends in Technology, features experts in engineering, product development, and more. You'll learn:

  •  Latest trends in workplace design and how you can adapt; 
  • New changes you should prepare for in workspace technology and docking solutions; 
  • Biggest challenges many organizations face when adopting new technology in the workplace; 
  • How business leaders can justify impact and return of spend; and 
  • Key steps you can take now to begin preparing for these new trends.

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Our new webinar series, Future Trends in Technology, will discuss new trends in enterprise IT, remote and blended work, and smart IoT products to improve productivity, increase ROI, and reduce support complexity. This four-part series includes: 

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Kevin Quinn

Kevin is the Sr. Director of Applications Engineering at Targus. He is the resident expert on docking solutions. In his role with Targus, he specializes in docking stations, applications engineering, and systems engineering. He works closely with our clients to support requirements planning, pre-sales engineering, and on-site deployments.

Sr. Director Applications Engineering

Future Trends in Remote or Blended Work
On-Demand 08.27.20

Future Trends in         Connectivity
On-Demand 09.24.20

Future Trends in Smart Products and IoT
On-Demand 10.22.20