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David Brown

David is the leader of Targus' marketing initiatives in EMEA.  Connecting and collaborating with global stakeholders, his team strive to deliver a consultative brand experience for our Enterprise clients, channel partners and consumers.

Marketing Director, EMEA

Redefining the Way We Work

Get Practical Expertise from Targus Professionals

It’s time to reimagine work and define new ways of working. Dive into four critical components of today's world of work – remote work, mobility and commuting, the workplace, and IT. 

In this four-part series, we’ll discuss emerging trends and look at new technologies and resources that can help support you in creating new ways to work. 

Learn how to stay on the cutting edge of workplace technology, improve workforce productivity, and create effective workspaces. 

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Reimagine Your Home Office
Thursday 6 August 2020
What makes an effective home workspace? From ergonomics to technology, learn how needs change for various roles in an organisation. Identify technology trends that can optimise your workforce productivity and make working from home easier.

Join us for our series of 30-minute webinars. 

Our series, Work Reimagined, features Targus’ Marketing Director, David Brown, and Director of Sales, Marcus Harvey, with Special Guests featuring along the way. 

These informal, interview-style webinars address new technology and trends in your workplace - whether you are responsible for driving change or simply want to know more.  

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Our webinar series, Work Reimagined, will discuss emerging trends in remote work, mobility, and IT to look at new technologies and resources that can help the way you and your business work. This four-part series includes: 

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Marcus Harvey

Marcus,  Director of B2b Sales for Targus in EMEA manages a cross-regional team responsible for Enterprise, SMB and strategic Partner relationships.  Reflecting the voice of the customer, Marcus and his team are passionate, trusted advisors to our partners.  

Sales Director, EMEA

Reimagine Your Commute
Thursday 10 September 2020
What does the new world of business travel and commuting look like? We take a closer look at mobile connectivity whether you’re commuting or working in remote locations. Our experts discuss the best tech and trends in staying safe and connected on the move.

Reimagine Your Workplace
Thursday 8 October 8 2020
Your workplace will undergo extensive changes in the coming months. In this session, we’ll dive into what those changes might look like and the technology, tools, and strategies that will fuel workplace design. Learn about the tech and business needs that will drive these changes.

Reimagine Your IT
Thursday 5 November 2020
Your organisation’s IT strategy is constantly evolving to meet new security needs and adapt to business changes. We will discuss trends in IT strategy and technology changes in the coming months. We’ll take a deeper look at optimising IT strategy in your organisation.