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Travel-Ready USB-C Docks, Hubs, and Adapters

Devices, along with the number of ports on them, are shrinking, leaving you with fewer inputs to connect those necessary accessories and peripherals that keep you productive. Our new range of USB-C docks, hubs, and adapters are the perfect solution to expand those connections – in the office or on the go.


Take your work anywhere. 

Plug & Play 

No software. No hassles. 


Works with Windows®, MacOS®, and Chrome OS™.

We’ve Got What You Need 

Whether it’s HDMI, VGA, Ethernet, or more USB ports – or a combination of – we’ve got you covered.

Single Video Docking Stations  

Need a secure internet connection and the ability to connect to a single display? We have HDMI and VGA docking stations that are Thunderbolt 3 host compatible, and support DisplayPort Alternate Mode to meet your needs. Plus, many of our docks support power pass-through up to 100W so you can charge and power your USB-C laptop.

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Single Video Adapters 

If you just need a connection to single display – be it VGA, HDMI or DVI – and additional USB-A or USB-C ports, these single video adapters are your speed.

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Ethernet Adapters

Get secured, wired access to the internet with these USB-C Ethernet Adapters.

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Multi-Port Hubs  

Need to connect more USB-A and USB-C peripherals? Check out these multi-port hubs. Many support power pass-through up to 100W so you can charge and power your USB-C laptop and other connected peripherals.

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