Targus is committed to eco-friendly business, both internally and by providing the resources to run companies more sustainably.  Following the recent pandemic, we commissioned research into consumer attitudes towards sustainability now that lockdown is easing across Europe.  

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The Findings

Living our Sustainable Mission


We explain why we are on this journey and how we are bringing sustainable products to life. 

Our Journey

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It is up to every one of us to make greener choices, everyday about the way we live and the products, services we purchase. 

One Decision at a Time

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Visit our Press Room to view the full press release and see the survey results in more details.  .

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Join the conversation with our industry experts as we ask how workspaces and corporate priorities have changed in the post-pandemic world.  

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The materials we produce are designed to be used, shared, and built upon to progress your business, regardless of whether you’re a Targus customer or not.     

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Our most sustainable EcoSmart Collection yet.  Each bag in the Cypress collection is saving plastic bottles from ending up in landfill. 

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Everyday Green Choices 

Many consumers would choose more eco-friendly options if they were available.  

With Covid making us think twice about how we travel, it’s interesting to see that more people are considering more eco-friendly options, such as cycling and staycations.  

The pandemic has provided a lot of people the chance to reevaluate their lifestyle, with many of us using the opportunity to actively switch to eco-conscious choices over lockdown. Our study showed that consumers fully intend to continue these practices, with the younger generation proving most amenable.   

Sustainability for All

Covering the Costs of Being Green

Despite regional differences, concerns about the environment are high on the agenda for a large majority of European consumers.  Given the economic ramifications of the pandemic, it’s interesting to see that many purchasers are still willing to pay more for eco-friendly products.    

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Targus is a Sustainable Choice

Targus is a company for the modern world, and as such is committed to helping tackle modern issues. Sustainability is arguably the biggest problem that we face as a planet, as wastage rises, emissions increase, and landfill threatens to topple whole ecosystems.  At Targus we recognise that the way we do business impacts the environment.

New Ways of Working

We are innovating new ways of working, establishing firm goals to drive accountability.

Importance of Sustainability

We're on a mission to bring sustainability to forefront of contemporary business, and helping others do the same.

New Products

We are creating new products to enable our customers to seamlessly integrate sustainability into their everyday practices. 

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Choosing a Greener Future

Even the smallest actions can add up to big changes if we stick with them. This is changing the way people purchase, with Europeans investing more in longer-lasting products and turning away from disposable goods and fast fashion. Energy-saving products and technologies are top of the agenda in our study.  

The Study

We surveyed thousands of consumers across the UK, France and the Netherlands to gauge the importance of sustainability to their buying habits. The aim of the study was to provide European businesses undergoing rapid transformation with insight to make informed choices about how to position sustainability to consumers in this new, changed world.  

The survey was positioned to provide a data driven indication of consumer buying habits. The questions ranged from how much people were willing to pay for eco-friendly products, to which kinds of behaviours they consider most important for long-term sustainability. 

Sustainability post-lockdown

As pandemic restrictions have begun to ease across Europe, companies and individuals are able to reevaluate how they position themselves.  In this new world of transformed attitudes, does sustainability matter as much to people as it did before?  Has it spurred consumers to put more emphasis on our environment, or have the economic effects of the virus shifted to immediate priorities above the pursuit of eco-friendly purchasing?