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As the world tries to figure out the “new normal", it’s clear there will be changes forever, in every facet of life – from work to school to travel and entertainment.  No business or person will be unaffected. 

Where we work and how we work has been altered. Workspaces will be transformed, and the future of work will be reimagined. 

Did you know? 

98% of us would like to work remotely for at least some of the time for the rest of our careers!
People say their top struggle working remotely is unplugging after work!  

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This relaxed podcast style series covers the events of the day, shares ideas to support the evolving work-situation and links to useful resources.  

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David Brown

Marketing Director, Targus

David is the leader of marketing initiatives in EMEA.  Connecting and collaborating globally, his team strive to deliver an inspiring brand experience for our customers, clients and partners. 

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Marcus Harvey

Sales Director, Targus

With a wealth of experience and insight to share, Marcus and his team are passionate about delivering the best experience for our clients and partners.